8 Common Idioms and Expressions That Are Simply Better in French

Guaranteed to knock your chaussettes off!

A typical lonely Tuesday afternoon. Photo by M on Unsplash

1. Roll up your sleeves

Mets la main à la pâte (put your hands in the dough).

2. A lot on my plate

J’ai du pain sur la planche (I have bread on the cutting board).

Who could possibly cut this much baguette in under 35 hours?! Photo by Sergio Arze on Unsplash

3. Pull the wool over their eyes

Roulé dans la farine (rolled in flour).

4. Worth squat

Comptes pour du beurre (are worth butter).

5. Have your cake and eat it too

Avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre (have the butter and the money that butter costs).

What happens when it’s the butter that gets rolled in the flour? Photo by Ryu Orn on Unsplash

6. Living it up

Mets du beurre dans les épinards (put butter in the spinach).

7. Not out of the woods

Ne sont pas sortis de l’auberge (haven’t left the inn).

Everyone knows you’re in trouble if the inn itself isn’t out of the woods. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

8. Set in stone

Gravé dans le marbre (engraved in marble)

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