Japan’s Coronavirus Response, As Seen by a Non-Japanese Resident

What could have been a success story has fallen apart

One of the coronavirus prevention measures included stopping people from accessing benches during “hanami,” or cherry blossom viewing season.

A model of self-discipline

The advantage of living in a highly conformist society that celebrates self-discipline is that the social pressure to comply with the norm makes mass action very effective.

A masked bus in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture

A not-so-urgent state of emergency

Shinkansen bound for Fukuoka

Living as an afterthought

What would have been a human rights violation under European law was shrugged off in Japan. Evidently, when only 2% of your population consists of foreign residents, you can get away with it.

Has anyone seen the vaccine?

With Japan’s sizable aging population, I’m nowhere near the top of the vaccination priority list.


Travel | Humor | Language | Society. Writing out of passion. Tokyo-based polyglot with a degree in human rights. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @alexstwrites.

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